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Fri Jun 15 02:39:50 EDT 2001

Jonathan Gardner <gardner at> wrote:
> Emile van Sebille wrote:
>> I always liked the description that vi has two modes:  one beeps at you,
>> and the other destroys your file.  ;-)

> When I was first learning vi, I found the beeps quite common. What was even 
> more mystical is the way it would mangle your text with ease.

Ahh, yes.   Who hasn't accidentally bumped the caps lock key and
then attempted to scroll down?  ;)

> A great way 
> to learn how to use vi is to go to normal mode, and type a random letter. 
> That's how I learned about <ctrl-x> and <ctrl-a>. Cool feature.

Yes, I've learned a fair bit from random banging and watching what
happened.  One of these days I should actually read the docs and
learn all the features....

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