Loading select queries into objects

Graham Ashton graham at coms.com
Mon Jun 18 14:37:50 CEST 2001

Hi. I've just started playing with database access from Python and have
stumbled across yet another hole in my knowledge of Python idioms.

I've got a class that has an attribute for each column in a database
table, and an accessor method that sets the value of each attribute. I
then populate the attributes with the result of a database query.

Here's an example:

    query = """
        SELECT column1, column2, some_column
          FROM a_table

    cursor = self.db.cursor()
    tup = cursor.fetchone()

    self.column1(tup[0])		# this could be better!

What I'm wondering is; is there an idiomatic way of applying the values
in a tuple to a list of functions? In Perl I'd use map(), but I'm not
sure if there's a "cleaner" way in Python.

When the number of columns grows large the above is not only ugly, but a
nightmare to maintain.


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