Any other Python flaws?

James_Althoff at James_Althoff at
Fri Jun 15 14:46:36 EDT 2001

Mattias wrote:
>That anonymous (lambda) functions can only contain an expression, not
>statements? Less of a problem, but still ugly and feels like an arbitrary
>decision, perhaps because it was too hard to make it fit with python's
>unusual indentation-based syntax.

I agree.  I think this is a big one.  The (tedious, less-readable, and
ugly, IMHO) "workaround" of using named functions defined "ahead of use" --
as an alternative to using unnamed code blocks "in place" -- seems to
discourage reasonable use of many nice design idioms that are seen
frequently in Smalltalk and Ruby -- (reasonably) similar languages (to
Python) that do support "unrestricted, unnamed, in-place" code blocks.


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