How do you develop in Python?

Lou Pecora pecora at
Tue Jun 5 21:16:09 CEST 2001

I program in Python occassionally and would like to do more of it.  But
here's a development conundrum I run into a lot (there are more complex
examples, but I'll give an easy one).  I am developing module
which imports in the IDE.  I am running test code which is also in as I incrementally develop  Then I need to change and,
of course, the import does not import the new changes since import only
works once.  Hence,  to "refresh" I have to quit the IDE and
restart, open and run.  This is clumsy.  However, the above
scenario is not uncommon and more complex interdependencies of modules
appear to make it unavoidable.  Anyone know a way to get around this
"import" problem?   I know there is a "reload", but then I have to
import and change my modules' code to "reload" or something each time I
work with them.  Any help appreciated.

I use Python on a Macintosh.  Nice IDE, otherwise.

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