Which IDE ?

Nils O. Selåsdal noselasd at frisurf.no
Wed Jun 20 02:54:38 EDT 2001

"VanPopering" <dvanpope at bookworm.suffolk.lib.ny.us> wrote in message
news:dHvX6.10207$DW1.418937 at iad-read.news.verio.net...
> Which IDE would you recommend for someone *just starting out* with
> -I'm not a professional programmer but Im interested in learning
> -I want to use opensource whenever possible
> -For now I'm just here for the basics; some scripting etc.
> I'd LOVE to use idle since its part of it and free, but I have heard
that it freezes upand
> has other problems...is this really a problem that it happens a lot?
Are there things I can
> do to avoid this - does it happen with larger more complex programs
only? If it froze while
> running the script and that was the only potential problem, then I'd
just save it first...
> I am wondering if these were copmplaints by professional programmers
> needed and expected more...
> Komodo looks interesting, but I do admit it looks like a bit much for
my purposes:
> I  want to write, edit, debug, and run simple python thingys
> I hope I misunderstood what I had heard about Idle's short comings -
> *I dont know yet and thats why Im asking*
emacs/xemacs is fine..
> (I wonder what Guido uses...)
probably emacs or vi

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