php alternatives in python

Colin Meeks colin at
Mon Jun 4 08:28:58 EDT 2001

We wanted something with lots of functionality, but wanted total control, so
we designed our own system in Python.

Our website is written totally in Python.  Specific areas that will stand
out are things like our "Best of the Net" sections and any of the "What's
New" sections for our products.  Our whole site is editable via the web and
also has a dynamic search engine that automatically indexes any changes or
additions you make to pages.  Our site should show you what's possible.  If
you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me.


"Scott Hathaway" <slhath at> wrote in message
news:i3iR6.16653$aA5.86550 at
> I am trying to evaluate various php alternatives in python.  I have looked
> at webware, psp, mod_python, PyHP, using Python with ASP pages, and
> mod_snake.  All of these seem fairly straight forward, but what I don't
> is what really works.  I would need a solution that is:
> 1) As stable as PHP
> 2) Close to as fast as PHP
> 3) Cross platform
> 4) Can access all the python modules (not just the ones that jython can
> access)
> Can anyone tell me what your experiences are and make a recommendation?
> Thanks,
> Scott

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