[digression] Re: DOS Extenders (was: RS232 support for DOS on 486?)

Paul Prescod paulp at ActiveState.com
Fri Jun 8 20:10:35 EDT 2001

Oleg Broytmann wrote:
>    The best known DOS Extender was PharLap, but it had the problem that it
> didn't support DPMI. Without support of proper standard it failed.
>    The second best known was DOS/4G, created by Rational Systems. I asked
> Google where it is now - and hurray! - it is now at http://www.tenberry.com/.
> Its primary compiler was Watcom C: http://www.tenberry.com/dos4gw/. 

I worked at Watcom at the time and we thought of DOS/4GW as the DOS
extender we licensed rather than our compiler as their "primary
compiler". <wink>

Remember that the compiler had to be a 32-bit compiler so you didn't
really have a lot of choices.

It is also worth pointing out (though I'm sure you already know) that
Rational Systems is unrelated to today's Rational -- the UML etc. guys.
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