COM method with pointer args

Levente Sandor sandorlevi at
Mon Jun 18 14:07:37 EDT 2001

"Alex Martelli" <aleaxit at> wrote in message news:<9gkek6024kl at>...

> > Is there a possibility to use a COM method which requires pointer
> > arguments?
> Sure, as long as you have a type library that is correct.  Make
> sure your Python client IS using the type library, e.g. by using
>     win32all.client.gencache.EnsureDispatch(...)
> rather than
>     win32all.client.Dispatch(...)

Now I get the following error:
"TypeError: This COM object can not automate the makepy process -
please run makepy manually for this object"

When I try to use a method (with args as values) listed in the COM
browser, it works, but the class in the generated source contains no

# This CoClass is known by the name 'CorelDraw.Automation.7'
class CDrawAutomate(CoClassBaseClass): # A CoClass
	CLSID = pythoncom.MakeIID("{F1ABEC21-2037-11CF-AB99-00C0F00683EB}")
	coclass_sources = [
	coclass_interfaces = [
	default_interface = '{07D2C782-8802-11CF-AB9D-00C0F00683EB}'

Other suggestions?

Thanks in advice,

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