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Sat Jun 30 16:37:57 CEST 2001

Python's newsgroups are known for being exceedingly newbie-friendly.

However, the issue of compiling Python is brought up /far/ too often.
Consider reading the FAQ. Had you done that, you'd not have asked this

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> Hello All,
>  I am new to python after having converted from java.
> One of the problems I always had with java was the
> lack of a native code compiler. Will python ever have
> one of these? I have seen references to projects such
> as py2c etc, but they all seem dead. Is there an
> inherent problem in creating a compiler for python or
> is it just very difficult. Unfortuanatly I am not a
> big compiler guru though I would be willing to help if
> I could. Just curious.
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