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David LeBlanc whisper at oz.nospamnet
Fri Jun 22 13:11:13 EDT 2001

In article <uu218iozs.fsf at>, michael+gnus at 
> [posted and mailed]
> >>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse W <jessw at> writes:
>     Jesse> 	I have just now created a mailing list via Yahoo for
>     Jesse> the sharing, joint debugging and general discussion of
> Too bad, those people are idiots.  You should try setting it up on
> your own if you have the resources (like a DSL/cable connection).  I

The other thing about Yahoo mail lists is that i'm pretty sure you end up 
as spam bait per their usage policies, although i'm not sure.

More to the point, something really smells when one has to register 
merely to read discussions that the offerer does not own.

Dave LeBlanc

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