Not enough Python library development [was PEP scepticism]

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This is very cool!  Thanks.

What are the criteria for including a group in here?  How often are they

In particular, it looks like you've got most of the Python, Zope and
ActiveState groups, but I note several MIAs, eg: pybsddb, ZODB, wxPython,
etc.  I see you've even got the newly created PythonCard group in there.

Google-search-without-the-dash-monty-with-the-mailling-lists-ly y'rs


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> I agree. We've decided at ActiveState to try and push the penny ahead a
> few inches by the O'Reilly Open Source conference. We're working on a
> minimalist repository that can evolve into the repository of our dreams.
> It isn't a trivial job but we can at least leverage some of our existing
> security infrastructure, proficiency with Zope, etc. One good example of
> what our web team has put together is here:
> I find these archives to be better than other Python archives available
> on the Web. Consider this feature:
> We hope to do the same thing with module repositories. We'd also like to
> integrate some of the security, commenting, rating and reviewing
> features from the Python cookbook:
> But this is mostly a spare-time project because it is not product -- so
> I don't want to lift expectations too high...we're doing what we can do
> just like any other contributors to open source. Nevertheless, I have
> high hopes that we can plant the seeds and the community will help us
> harvest.
> I'm holding a BOF on the topic at the O'Reilly conference (just like at
> the last Python conference) and we'll share our progress and see what
> other people are up to.
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