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>>>> >> humans should use a power of 2 as a base.  this is more logical because
>>>> >>synchs with binary, which is at the very heart of logic--true and false.
>>>it is
>>>> >> more natural perhaps, to use decimal--but logic should, and will, win
>>>> >
>>>> >I'm amused by the idea that "humans should [do something] because . .
>>>> >. it is more logical."  Ah yes, we humans are so extremely logical.
>>>> >That's why advertisers -- whose livelihood depends on getting us to do
>>>> >things -- inevitably appeal to our highly refined sense of logic, and
>>>> >never play to our emotions or baser instincts ;-)
>>>> some of us are...and those that are will easily dominate or destroy the
>>>If you're bent on world domination, perhaps you should apply for a job at
>>> Steve
>>>239 (decimal)
>>microsoft caters to the dumb in the worst kind of ways.  i know bill's a smart
>> guy, so maybe he's building up money to unleash the forces...but i doubt it.
>To unleash the awesome powers of hexadecimal upon the world? Yeah, I somehow
>doubt that also ;-).
>Jupiter and Saturn Oberon Miranda
>And Titania Neptune Titan
>Stars can frighten
>        - Syd

hexadecimal, lojban (logical language), logic in general.  a nation of a quarter
the population the US with no psychics, astrologers, stupid people, etc. could
control the world easily.

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