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Rajarshi Guha <rajarshi at> wrote:

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>> Hi,
>>   does anybody know of patches etc that can give me Python source for a
>> Glade project. I tried using but it gives a number of errors and

> I follwowed up the pointers regarding using Glade and Python and it seems
> pretty neat. However I have  a question. There aree two ways to use a Glade
> file to generate the UI. One is to use libglade and generate it on the fly
> and the other involves converting the XML description to Python src. Which
> is a better? Or rather when would I use on the fly generation or conversion
> to Python source?

I don't know which is better; the gladepyc homepage has the same
question, obviously offering some advantages of the gladepyc approach
("By why on earth doesn't he use libglade?"):

I would think it depends on what you want to do. I doubt it matters
that much for most applications, though.


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