Win32 Installer on 2.1?

Matt Butler foo at
Thu Jun 7 22:59:54 CEST 2001


Benjamin Schollnick <junkster at> wrote in message news:<junkster-
> I haven't been following the conference too well lately, was there a 
> specific problem you are having with Installer under v2.1?

Thanks for your response, I have actually not had a problem yet with
2.1, it's just that the readme omits 2.1 from the list of
configurations on which Installer has been tested.

I was trying to avoid the pain of upgrading only to have to revert
back to 2.0 if it's horked.  It seemed like a "gimme" that somebody
who already had 2.1 would have tried it by now.  I thought I'd get
like ten responses of the "Yea, Works great.  No, Definitely horked."
variety and that would be that.

Instead, I will just have to take the pain myself and report back here
I guess...

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