new to python

Beebe jonbeebe at
Mon Jun 25 23:18:22 EDT 2001

Hello comp.lang.python,

  I am a Linux User and I am new to Python Programming and this
newsgroup. I don't really know what python is all about so it would be
much appreciated if you would answer my following questions.

- Is python like c/c++ where you can make pretty much any kind of
program you want whether is be games, gui apps, etc. or is it like cgi
where you can only use it in websites?

- Is python object oriented?

- Should I develop in Python? Is it good for programming, is it
powerfull and are job opportunities good for Python developers?

- When I make a Python program, do I just leave it as a .py file or is
there a way to make it into some kind of executable file like in C++?
When I make a program in Python, how do I distribute it out to people?
Do I just send out the .py file? Does the user need some kind of
runtime environment or something? Do they need to download something
else rather than my program?

I know that's a lot of questions but I haven't found them on the net
yet.  Please answer my questions if you will by emailing me at
jonbeebe at

If you email me, that way I'll be sure to recieve the reply,
otherwise, i might miss it.

Thank you very much,
- Beebe

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