Python equivalent of CPAN Library modules

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon Jun 18 03:55:53 EDT 2001

message news:mailman.992846907.9012.python-list at
> hello,
> I kinda find larry wall's thaught very interesting. And his complete
> openness of ppl choosing lang other than perl.
> So, what I wanna ask is,
> is it technically possible to use perl modules from python programs.. ?
> not parrot maybe but something in between....

Minotaur for Perl, Python, andTcl
Minotaur is an extension which can be used from Tcl, Python, or Perl to run
scripts in any of the other languages.
The latest news can be found at
Source code can also be found at the above URL
Prebuilt binaries: not yet...


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