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>FWIW.  I'm not really sure I like the change Alex points to.  It makes
>something like the below fail:
>  l = [(1+1j),(2-2j),Klass(),Klass(),Klass,5,4,3,'c','b','a']
>  l.sort()
>In a list like this, many of the comparisons have no particular meaning.
>I have no idea whether an instance of Klass is more than a complex
>number.  And in most cases, I don't even have any idea whether one
>instance is meaningfully greater than another.  But it is nice to have
>everything have some arbitrary inequality relation in order to create
>partial orderings on the subsets of things that really do have an order.
>It makes perfect sense to me to want the numbers and strings to occur in
>order, even while not caring exactly -where- in the sorted list they
>occur as a sublist.

Yup, this used to work.  Then came Unicode....
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