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Attila Feher <Attila.Feher at> merely scratched his head and went:
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>> In some countries there are even more Unix/Linux PCs than Windows PCs. Please
>> never assume that what is valid in your country is valid for the rest of the
>> world as well. You are not living alone on that planet and your country isn't
>> the only one that exists or that is important.
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> Just to inform you: the worlds easiest to hack and crack systems are the
> UNIX systems.  

this is an opinion ... not a fact ... was once
giving out a top 20 list of sites which were most orginally hacked ...
not a single unix machine on their list ... has more info
on what systems get hacked, and nt leads the pack, even though it is the
least used of the lot as http servers.

does this mean that the unicode bug is, finally, fixed ... 'cos i've seen
script kiddies who don't know what a nybble is hack IIS, but get totally
lost on UNIX systems ... sure bind has it's share of problems, but subscribe
to the mailing lists ... a real eyeopener if you
think that unix is easier to crack than nt.

> Due to the fact that they have been designed for
> university (friendly) environment. 

serious multi-user environments, unlike windows which evolved from a single-user
single-tasking os with no security at all ...

> Serious users (security, incl. but
> not limited to NATO, banks etc.) use VMS.  Some smaller banks use(d)

i agree

> OS/2.  But what is sure: Linux (UNIX) with sources is ony used (at
> serious places) as firewall (where the actuall OS is inspected and
> corrected line by line) and as a Web Server with no online connection to
> the real internal network.  So don't take UNIX to any higher level than
> it is.

i'm sorry  -  openbsd is probably *THE* most secure os on the planet ...
go to the website and read up about it (not too sure what it is, but should be
easy to find, considering it's popularity) ... be prepared to be impressed ...


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