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Greg Ewing greg at
Mon Jun 25 01:47:07 EDT 2001

Chris Barker wrote:
> This looks like a pretty nice start. Do you have any plans to continue
> the project? Have you posted to this newsgroup in the past to find out
> if there is enough interest to really get it moving?

Some history behind this project:

About 3 years ago, there was a discussion about designing a native
Python GUI API that wasn't biased towards any particular platform or
existing GUI toolkit. I and a couple of other people started
(independently) doing some work on the idea.

There was an initial burst of enthusiasm, and a SIG was formed, but
discussion petered out after a while. The SIG mailing list is
currently suspended as far as I know.

The idea of a Python-specific GUI library, maintained by the Python
community, seems to have fallen out of favour nowadays. The core
Python developers say they don't have the time and energy that would
be needed to maintain it for all the major platforms, and feel that
the status quo is "good enough".

This is not very encouraging, but I haven't entirely given up on the
idea. I'd still like to finish at least one complete implementation of
it one day, perhaps two (Unix and Mac). I'll need the help of at least
one other person to do the Windows version, though.

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