Two more questions, and a comment: Cross-Platform...

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Sun Jun 17 19:37:53 EDT 2001

1. Is Tkinter likely to be ported over to MacOS X soon?
2. Is Tkinter gui-code usable in any kind of web scripting? In other words,
are forms and tables generated in Tkinter usable to gather user input
through web browsers and can Tkinter be used to output data to web browsers?
I think not???

    (OK I know I'm cheating, but two more closely related sub-questions)

1a. Is wxPython likely to be ported over to the Mac OS X opsys soon? Sooner
or later than Tkinter?
2a. Is wxPython code usable in any kind of web scripting?

Comment: For those of you who use Linux, there is a nice article in the new
online issue of Linux Journal about using Glade as a gui User Interface
development tool for Python. I am using Windows, but if I were using Linux,
Glade would be a top priority perhaps.

Link to article

or to Linux Journal front page if above link doesn't work:

Ron Stephens wrote:

> I am taking a week's vacation the week after next. I plan to spend this
> week trying to learn event-driven programming using Python. I would sure
> appreciate any comments or guidance from folks on this list, so that I
> hopefully can make productive use of my time. I admit to being a little
> confused or overwhelmed by the many options available to me.
> I am very happy with my learning of Python as a procedural language. I
> have committed the core language to memory and can program at will
> without consulting documentation. I am learning to use  library modules.
> I have never been this successful with any other programming language. I
> have limited time due to job related travel (I do not work in IT in any
> way; this is I suppose a hobby, albeit it is becoming a serious one.).
> I have not been successful heretonow in gui or event driven programming
> . Learning and using Tkinter is much harder for me that procedural
> Python. I am doing fine on classes and object oriented Python also, but
> not event driven programing. Some of the options available to me that I
> am aware of are: (I am programming on a Windows 98 machine).
> 1. Tkinter and wxPython. I have not been too successful with Tkinter,
> but I do not rule it out. I have just begun to look at wxPython. Does
> anyone think wxPython is easier to learn and use than Tkinter, or about
> the same?
> 2. Boa Constructor and wxPython. I have downloaded Boa and it looks
> complicated, but I like the idea of a VisualBasic like gui designer. Is
> Boa far enough along to be used? Any comments on Boa?
> 3. PythonWorks. I just downloaded the evaluation copy. OK, it costs
> $395, a lot of money to pay for a hobbyist. However, if it were the
> answer to my prayers and far better, as a gui painter, than any other
> alternative, I guess I would consider it. Does anyone have experience
> with Pythonware and could you comment? I am really mainly interested in
> the gui painter.
> 4. theKompany's BlackAdder. Same as above. For some reason, I seem  more
> favorably inclined towards Pythonware, btu I don't know why ;-)) Anyone
> have any experience with BlackAdder and can you comment?
> 5. I am vaguely aware of other alternatives such as qt toolkits, gtk
> toolkits, etc.
> 6. Java based solutions. I am successful in getting my scripts to run
> under Jython. I am a little, just a little, familiar with Java and the
> JVM's. It occurs to me that there may be Java based gui painters that I
> could use as a front end to connect to jython based programs? A few
> years ago I used a Sun product called Java Studio that fell in this
> category; I like Java Studio, but Sun discontinued it. Are there any
> open source or even commercial products I should consider?
> 7. Someone on the list mentioned they use Jbuilder from Borland as a gui
> painter for their Python programs. Hmmm, Jbuilder has a boxed package
> for sale much cheaper than even Pythonworks ;-))) Any comments pro or
> con???? I doubt that this would fit my definition of "easy" to learn and
> to use, but who knows???
> I would appreciate any comments. Python's ease of learning and ease of
> use opens new doors for "low IQ" programmers like myself. But much that
> one might wish to do involves event-driven programming, and Python does
> not yet, it seems to me, offer the same ease of use in this arena. But I
> keep searching and hoping. Event driven programming is awful important
> and it would be nice if Python's core advantages could somehow extend
> into this area.
> I would prefer to stick to a solution that is as much Python-like as
> possible, but a jython-Java GUI solution is also of interest. Maybe I
> will try one of each.
> I think this whole topic of discussions of interest to many newbie's and
> programming hobbyists, not just to myself. A successful address to this
> "problem" could seriously propel Python even further as an educational
> and first-learning language. I would really enjoy a discussion of pros
> and cons and possible directions to explore, both now and also in the
> future, if anyone can predict future directions of even-driven GUI
> programming and Python. ;-))))
> Ron Stephens

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