MapIt! 1.0 - Webapplication for Rastermaps

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Tue Jun 12 11:05:33 EDT 2001

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>   MapIt! 1.0

> MapIt! is a web-application that lets you navigate raster-maps through
> your web-browser and lets you zoom in and out and select objects and
> object classes that are identified on the map.

> MapIt! is Free Software licensed under LGPL (GNU Library General Public
> License).

To keep you in the loop: 
MapIt! was developed by Intevation GmbH 
contracted by Logiball GmbH (
Logiball uses MapIt! for serving their high quality maps 
independently of expensive and bloated GIS solutions.

This makes MapIt! a commercial Free Software product.
Python as a language and free software enabled us to implement
MapIt! quickly and get a very flexible solution. 


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