Any other Python flaws?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Mon Jun 18 15:10:12 EDT 2001

D-Man <dsh8290 at> writes:

> On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 02:18:04PM -0500, Michael Chermside wrote:
> | Oh well... at least people don't bump into this one much. And if you
> | accidently clobber it, you can restore things with:
> | 
> | def __None():
> |     pass
> | None = __None()
> Well, that doesn't work.  One of the key features of 'None' is that
> there only ever exists a single instance.  This would create a new,
> unique, instance bound to (a more local) 'None'.

No it wouldn't.  Try it!

I agree that what Michael posted doesn't really do what he wanted; but
it doesn't do what you said, either.


  This is not to say C++ = bad, Lisp = good.  It's to say
  C++ = bad irrespective of everything else.
                                       -- Alain Picard, comp.lang.lisp

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