ActivePython 2.1.0 build 211

Jim Gurnavage gurnavage at
Thu Jun 21 16:19:27 CEST 2001


I believe there is a problem with the win32commc.pyd (DLL) in the 211 build for
Windows 98.

(Disclaimer:  I am a totally newbie, with roughly 12 hours of Python experience;
so this may all be naiveté!).

According to DependancyWalker ( the DLL file
win32commc.pyd is
looking for a system file called python15.dll.  I think it should be looking for

To reproduce the problem, run the following code sample.  The "import win32comm"
will attempt to load win32commc.pyd and  fail with the following error:

======== PythonWin output start ==========

PythonWin 2.1 (#15, Apr 16 2001, 18:25:49) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32.
Portions Copyright 1994-2001 Mark Hammond (MarkH at - see
'Help/About PythonWin' for further copyright information.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\python21\pythonwin\pywin\framework\", line 301, in
    exec codeObject in __main__.__dict__
  File "C:\_mywork\python\commtest\JUNK.PY", line 3, in ?
    import win32comm
  File "c:\python21\lib\", line 1043, in ?
    import win32commc
ImportError: DLL load failed: One of the library files needed to run this
application cannot be found.

====== end PythonWin output =============

import sys
import win32comm

# ============================================================
# Test code.
# ============================================================
def _test_():
 print "Hello!"

# ============================================================
if __name__ == '__main__':

## end of file

Thanks for any help.

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