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Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Jun 26 10:13:23 EDT 2001

Johan Daine wrote:
> I am using using swish++ with Zope in a french context.
> In orger to filter the user requests, I need to filter accented
> characters to the unaccented char.

assuming you have 2.0 or later, something like this
should work:

import unicodedata, string

def maketable():
    # build iso-latin-1 to "undotted" ascii translation table
    table = range(256)
    for i in table:
        x = unicodedata.decomposition(unichr(i))
        if x and x[0] == "0":
            table[i] = int(x.split()[0], 16)
    return string.join(map(chr, table), "")

text = "...some accented iso-latin-1 text..."

noaccents = maketable()

undotted_text = string.translate(text, noaccents)

hope this helps!


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