Help installing pygtk, libglade in Windows - please

Cédric Gustin gustin at
Thu Jun 21 02:40:15 EDT 2001


> I'm trying to install pygtk and libglade on a Win9x system.  The local
> Windows guy advises me that it is necessary to edit the Windows registry
> to install DLLs.  Is this truly the case with the DLLs associated with
> these?

Why do you want to edit the registry ? Simply copy the py files from Hans
Breuer pygtk for win32 distribution ( to
%PYTHONPREFIX%\Lib(where %PYTHONPREFIX% is the Python installation
directory, let's say C:\Python21), and the *pyd files to
%PYTHONPREFIX%\DLLs. Remember that there is no site-packages directory in
the python win32 distribution !

You'll also need the gtk+ for win32 dlls as available on You can either choose to
download the gimp installer that will copy the required dlls to your windows
system directory, or to select the developer packages (at least glib,gtk+
and libiconv), unzip them and add the target directory (that contains the
DLLs) to your %PATH%.

If you want to work with pygtk without libglade support on python 2.0, Hans
Breuer's port is fine. But because I really needed libglade to port my pygtk
application on win32, I recently recompiled pygtk-0.6.4 for python 2.1,
including _libglade.pyd, using mingw32. If you're interested, I can send you
the DLLs.

Cedric Gustin

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