Python as REXX replacement?

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Mon Jun 4 11:00:36 EDT 2001

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Larry Whitley <ldw at> wrote:
>A friend in Poughkeepsie currently uses REXX as his scripting language but
>is becoming increasingly interested in Python. He asked if there is a
>version that runs on the IBM 390 systems under VM or MVS?  Does a port to
>390 (also known as zSeries) exist?

Well, I'm sure Python's available on Linux on a 390, but I haven't seen
any info about a direct port to VM or MVS.  There's an AS/400 project;
perhaps you should get in touch with those folks.

Note: one missing feature in Python from the REXX perspective is
extended-precision floating-point decimal arithmetic.  I'm currently
working on fixing that; in the meantime, you can use as a
mostly-suitable replacement.
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