Numeric 20.0.0 and 19.0.0 crash Python 2.1

Daniel Reuter reuter at Uni-Hohenheim.DE
Fri Jun 22 13:16:31 EDT 2001

Hello there,

When I do the following:
import Numeric
Python 2.1 crashes with a segmentation fault.
This is on a Debian/GNU Linux system, Python is configured --with-pymalloc
--with-cxx=g++ --with-cycle-gc --enable-threads
However Python 2.1 itself compiled perfectly, make test worked well
(except for the two unicode modules, but that's not much of a problem), so
I suspect a problem with Numeric, however as far as I can remember, I
already had Numeric 19.0.0 running with Python 2.0.
Anybody experiencing the same? Solutions?


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