Any other Python flaws?

Bruce Sass bsass at
Sat Jun 23 21:12:51 EDT 2001

On 20 Jun 2001, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Bruce Sass <bsass at> wrote:
> [snip]
> > If you want to use someone's GPLed lib, or GPLed software that
> > exposes its libs APIs so others can make use of it, in your
> > proprietary project, make sure you release the source for the libs you
> > used and for any tweaks you may have made to it.
> Not to get into an endless GPL debate here, so I won't say anything
> more about this, but what you say here is not the common interpretation
> of the GPL. The common interpretation of the GPL is that your
> software should be GPLed or GPL-able if it links to a GPL-ed library.
> What you say is true for the LGPL.

Yes.  I was confused.

> That's the last I'll say in this particular thread about the GPL. :)


- Bruce

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