extracting hex mant+exp from double?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at home.com
Sun Jun 10 02:15:22 EDT 2001

Has anyone ever used it since it was slipped in (save you, in this one
case)?  I must be suspicious when a time machine is hanging around.  I've
never noticed code using it (that I can recall).

"practicality-beats-purity-ly y'rs" how does it apply?  I mean, I can see
maybe in interactive environments you might get cases where you forgot to
put x = in front of the last value and could save a few seconds
recalculation, but otherwise it just seems like pointless magic.  Oh well,
once the time machine's been used I suppose the decision's done.  I'll just
console my offended sensibilities with the hope that no-one actually uses

Of course, trying to strip it out without access to the time machine would
be impractical, so I suppose that could be the practicality argument...  or
an argument to free up access to the time machine...

Ick still, even if it were hidden in there the whole time and not just more
Time Machine fiddling,

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> Ick,
> Mike

Hunting this down in CVS, Guido added it in ceval.c, Revision, on
Thu Apr 28 12:51:01 1994 UTC.  I agree it's *so* un-Pythonic that Python
really wouldn't be Python without it <wink>.

practicality-beats-purity-ly y'rs  - tim


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