bad python display

Holland King insanc at
Mon Jun 18 16:33:20 CEST 2001

In comp.os.linux.misc David Efflandt <see-sig at from.invalid> wrote:

: Are you running X under ssh-agent (I have "ssh-agent startx" as an alias 
: to startx), then ssh-add from an xterm?  That should automatically set up 
: your DISPLAY variable on the other end to tunnel everything back through 
: ssh.  Not quite sure how to do that from GUI login (runlevel 5).

i will try this and see if that works. thanks

: If not tunnelling through ssh, maybe there is a port permission problem 
: on either end or you may need to use xhost to allow it.  I don't really 
: know anything about python or tkinter, but do other X programs run 
: remotely automatically display locally (xterm, netscape, etc.)?

netscape and gimp both display correctly. i haven't tested it much past 
that though.

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