best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Attila Feher Attila.Feher at
Wed Jun 6 11:58:39 EDT 2001

goose wrote:
> IIRC, the original post said 99.99% of computers run windows ...
> I would like to see the source for this info ...maybe a web-page link ?

http://www.m$marketingbullshitandlies.neverbelieveit.ohboy.lie :-))))
> i seem to be missing your argument, maybe i'm just a little dense
> today...

I can send over some migren if you need a cause :-)))  It is a real A
class one! :-)

> what is your point ?
> that 99.99% of computers run windows ?

I don't think so.

> that 80% of home computers run windows ?

That may not be true in the US (Apple has a much higher % there than eg.
in Hungary) but it is really true that games manufacturers can still get
a very big market with MS only SW.  Even MS Win9x/ME only.

> that a pre-installed computer *always* comes with windows ?
This might have changed lately but it _was_ true.  Places where you can
get it w/o Windows are not well know by the "simple" public.  Really.  I
live in Finland now.  All PC ads have Windows whatever preinstalled.  No
choice, only between a Win9x/ME or NT (4/2K/XP will be now). :-(((  This
is the country of Linux!

> that i cannot order a 'blank' computer from a hoover-salesman ?

Now that was true in Hungary!  Maybe not today, but I doubt that big cos
changed a lot.  I said I want it w/o OS they said: no way.  MS
_forces_them_ to sell Windoze with every PC.  I said then I don't want a
HDD in it.  They say OK, then it costs +100USD.  I say: so long
suckers... and bought a PC from a "garage company".  The ridicul is that
I had highest possible MSDN and I was buying this SMP stuff for
development...  I already bought the OS for a lot of money from MS. 
Actually _all_ OSs including the traditional Chinese versions...  And
now comes: the garage PC needed me to install a new vent into it for the
HDD was too hot...  So at least where I am you don't get a PC w/o MS OS.


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