McMillan Installer 4 error ImportError: No module named posixpath

Brad Clements bkc at
Wed Jun 6 23:57:27 CEST 2001

I have a very simple python 1.5.2 script on w2k that I want to distribute.

I've tried beta 4 of the installer to create either a standalone or simple
distribution, but when I run it (either one), I get the same error. Trace
attached below.

I tried explicitely importing posixpath, but that doesn't matter. tried with
and without the -win32 option.

My module imports:

import win32ras
import smtplib, rfc822, sys
import string, traceback, time, getopt
import mimetypes, urllib, tempfile, MimeWriter, base64

The runtime error is:

Opening self
Unpacking binaries
Manipulating evironment
Loading python
Getting entry points
Setting Python vars
Initializing Python
Manipulating Python's sys.path
Setting sys.argv
importing modules from CArchive
loading imputil
loading archive_rt
Installing import hooks
executing import
strader\Dial\dist_DialAndSendL\DialAndSendL.exe', 47616))

Running scripts
 extracting DialAndSendL (2, s)
running DialAndSendL
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "<string>", line 38, in ?
  File "D:\Program
", line 88, in _import_hook
    top_module = self._import_top_module(parts[0])
  File "D:\Program
", line 170, in _import_top_module
    module = item.import_top(name)
  File "D:\Program
", line 197, in import_top
    return self._import_one(None, name, name)
  File "D:\Program
", line 252, in _import_one
    module = self._process_result(result, fqname)
  File "D:\Program
", line 281, in _process_result
    exec code in module.__dict__
  File "d:\Program Files\Python\Lib\", line 27, in ?
    import posixpath
  File "D:\Program
", line 91, in _import_hook
    raise ImportError, 'No module named ' + fqname
ImportError: No module named posixpath
Finalizing Python

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Developer Network Sysop Team

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