bsddb: must bsddb write a file ?

Florian Scholz feedback at
Thu Jun 14 15:54:07 EDT 2001

>     Florian> hi again..
>     Florian> the bsddb: class (binary tree, hash-table,..)
>     Florian> needs to write its data to a file:
>     Florian> db = bsddb.btopen('filename','c');
>     Florian> the file can be removed, but is there a way to avoid the file ?
> Well, you could just use a dictionary instead.  If you don't want your
> key/value pairs saved to a file, why use bsddb?

bsddb used as a binary- tree has a .last()-methode  to get the element with the
biggest key.
there is no such funktion in the build in hash-table. that was the reason
switching to bsddb

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