Python 2.0.1c1 - GPL-compatible release candidate

Tim Peters at
Fri Jun 15 02:28:54 EDT 2001

[Will Ware]
> ...
> Just to make sure I understand the way GPL coverage extends to derived
> works, here is what I think is true.
> ...

Python is not licensed under the GPL, so most of your questions don't really
make sense:  the GPL doesn't apply to any of your Python derivatives, unless
you *choose* to put such derivatives under the GPL, or have to put them
under the GPL because of other components in your derivative that are under
the GPL.  Then you should read the GPL's fine print for all of its rules.

The FSF agreed that the 2.0.1 license is GPL *compatible*.  That doesn't
mean the 2.0.1 license *is* the GPL; and it is not.  It's best to go
straight to the source for an explanation:

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