ActiveX Controls in Python

Paul Brian pbrian at
Mon Jun 25 12:47:35 CEST 2001

Python has some very good COM interfaces, written by Mark Hammond and
detailed well here:
Avaialble here:

Basically, pyhton is able to act as a COM server and client depending on the
choice of module you import from Win32All...its incredibly simple - honest.


David White <davidw at> wrote in message
news:4dfd15be.0106242017.36042c10 at
> I'm a C++ programmer whose considering using Python to prototype an
> ActiveX control. However, I can't seem to find any samples or
> resources on implementing ActiveX controls in Python. Would anyone be
> able to give me any pointers on how to do it?
> Also, the control will have to make heavy use of a grid control, what
> grid controls are available that have Python interfaces?
> Help would be appreciated.
> David White
> Programmer
> WebLink Pty Ltd

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