PEP scepticism

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Sat Jun 30 12:20:09 CEST 2001

Aahz Maruch <aahz at> wrote:
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> Martijn Faassen <m.faassen at> wrote:
>>The somewhat mysterious way to get accepted to the dev mailing list
>>at all is a hurdle all by itself.. Perhaps this document could help
>>there too.

> It's not mysterious at all: Guido invites you (cadging an invite from
> Guido is an option, of course).  But it doesn't take all that much to
> get an invitation; I'm on the list, and I still have not contributed any
> code to Python, and I've only submitted one formal PEP.

Well, when I wanted to know last year, I asked Gordon McMillan and he
said the same thing but made it seem very mysterious. I wasn't in a hurry
so I gave up on it; perhaps that was accomplishing the goal. :)

It must be because Gordon is so high up in the PSU and all...


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