An approach to building a networkable boardgame...

Doug Fort dougfort at
Wed Jun 27 03:42:09 CEST 2001

Israel wrote:

> Hello...
> I'm in the design phase of translating a Boardgame, my wife and our
> exchange student made up this year, to a python app that people can
> play over the internet.   I was wondering what the best appoach to
> this would be.   I could make this a webrowser based thing where the
> server does a lot of the work, or I could make this a downloadable
> python distribution that has the ability to connect two players, one
> of which would be the server and the other would be the client..
> I'm really not sure as this is a challenge I'm setting myself to help
> me to better understand not only Python but programming in General.
> Any opinions, suggestions, free associations??
> ~Israel~

Peer-to-peer is very 'in' right now...
<shameless plug>
perhaps you could use pyagent
</shameless plug>
Doug Fort <dougfort at>

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