Parrot-0.2.6 released

Ryan ryanmorillo at
Fri Jun 15 10:57:39 CEST 2001

I like the syntax for this much better than the standard TK style for
python, pretty amazing for a pre alpha.  Looks like it should shorten
the time for makeing a GUI by a factor of at least 10 for those of us
that still have to pull out a book everytime we want to make one. 
Keep up the good work, and if I can comeup with anything I'll make
sure to send it your way.

anyone who is curious, it is deffinetly worth the time to check it
out, very highly recomended!

philh at (phil hunt) wrote in message news:<slrn9iil28.6od.philh at>...
> I have just released Parrot version 0.2.6.
> Parrot is a text-based GUI builder. It is intended to be used 
> by programmers writing GUI applications. Parrot is written in 
> Python. 
> To use Parrot, you write a text file descriping your 
> application's GUI. Then you invoke the Parrot program, which
> reads your file and produces output code implementing the GUI.
> At the moment, Parrot can produce two sorts of output:
> * HTML containing the GUI
> * a Python program which when run will implement the GUI
>   using Python's Tkinter interface to Tk.
> The current release contains modifications contributed by
> Ludger Humbert (<humbert at>) to
> get radio buttons working correctly.
> Parrot is currently pre-alpha code, so don't expect to 
> do much useful work with it yet. 
> Parrot is available from:
> Parrot is licenced under the GNU GPL.

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