Is this a mimetools/rfc822 bug?

Sheila King sheila at
Mon Jun 25 21:53:43 EDT 2001

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001 16:53:32 -0400, barry at (Barry A. Warsaw)
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:>>>>> "SK" == Sheila King <sheila at> writes:
:    SK> But, according to the RFC's a header is required. A message
:    SK> body is not required.
:    SK> According to RFCs I recall: Your message header must have at
:    SK> least one of the following headers: To, Bcc, or CC. I believe
:    SK> that is the minimal header: any one of the To-type fields. No
:    SK> other headers are required, and no message body is required.
:True, but the rfc822 module doesn't enforce any of these requirements,
:AFAIK.  So it's really much more of an issue of the module's
:API than it is of the actual RFC.

Sorry, I didn't make my point well. You stated that:
Barry > It's even worse if you have no headers,
Barry > but your first body line has a colon in it!

My point, was that rfc822 requires a header, however minimal. (I know it
technically requires one of the following: To, CC, Bcc..whatever, the
point is a header is required.)

The module really doesn't try to enforce RFC822 at all. It
assumes that the programmer will be sufficiently knowledgeable in the
RFCs to use the module correctly.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to use if they only had
a message body and no header. is really written for handling

I guess it is incumbent upon the programmer using the module to check
his data first, and make sure it conforms to the assumptions that makes: namely, that it will be starting to read at a header,
that there will be to newline characters in a row to mark the end of the
headers, and that after that it will be pointing to the message body (if
there is one).

Sheila King

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