PEP 260: simplify xrange()

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Thu Jun 28 07:12:55 CEST 2001

Grant Griffin:
>BTW, among its many other technological advances, Goggle frees you from
>having to put "+" in front of stuff.

Huh.  Showing my heritage of using altavista for a couple years.
If I had read the top of the results page I would have seen

] Google always searches for pages containing all the words in your
] query, so you do not need to use + in front of words

Also, by reading the directions (fancy that!)

] Stop Words
] Google ignores common words and characters (known as stop words) as
] they tend to slow down searches without improving the quality of the
] results. Terms such as "where" and "how", as well as certain single
] digits and single letters, are not included in searches unless you
] indicate that they are essential.
] You can do this by using the "+" sign in front of the term. Be sure
] to include a space before the "+" sign, which can also be used in
] phrase searches.

What happened was, I thought it did some sort of distance comparison,
so given words "a b c d e f g" it would regard pages which didn't
have "f" as being close enough.

Thanks for pointing out the error of my ancient ways!

                    dalke at

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