BLT throug Pmw

Volker Dobler volker.dobler at
Mon Jun 25 06:45:56 EDT 2001


I  would like to use BLT 2.4u throug Pmw 0.8.5 from Python 2.1
on an Windwos box but Pmw cannot find the BLT package.
I installed the BLT package from the self extracting Windows
installer found on the BLT home page in various locations but none
worked.  As I am unfamiliar with the tcl/tk-directory organisation
I do not know wether all files are in the right place.
Does anyone have any experince with this setup?
Where should the BLT libraries be (relativily to the Python21 or Tcl
The demos included in the BLT distribution do not work either, they
suffer from the same problem: "Can't find BLT package"

Thanks a lot in advance for any idea.

Volker Dobler

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