Jonathan Gardner gardner at
Fri Jun 15 15:47:30 EDT 2001

Jim Hill wrote:

> In <9gaunm$mth$3 at>,
> Jonathan Gardner <gardner at> wrote:
>>James Logajan wrote:
>>> "vi" is the first and last word in visual editors. Every editor written
>>> before or after it are irrelevant. ;-)
> And since the expected editor war hasn't broken out, I'll launch a
> different offensive by proclaiming absolutely and without room for
> disagreement that it is pronounced "vee eye" and those who say "vye"
> are bloody peasants who should be repressed by the violence inherent
> in the system.
> Jim

Does this mean "Vim" is "vee eye em" or "vim"???? 

My coworker who thinks emacs is the one to end all operatings systems 
pronounces it "vye" which is why he never uses it. "vye" is much less cool 
than "vee eye".

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