Parrot-0.2.6 released

phil hunt philh at
Fri Jun 15 08:21:55 EDT 2001

On 15 Jun 2001 01:57:39 -0700, Ryan <ryanmorillo at> wrote:
>I like the syntax for this much better than the standard TK style for

That's partly why I worte it -- writing Tkinter code is more time-consuming
than necessary.

It's inspired by the book "Motif Tools" which includes a similar system
fro the Motif GUI.

> pretty amazing for a pre alpha.  Looks like it should shorten
>the time for makeing a GUI by a factor of at least 10 for those of us
>that still have to pull out a book everytime we want to make one.

That's the idea. Later this year, I'm likely to be writing some Python
GUI code myself, so I'll be updating Parrot to work with it.

Parrot *does* need work doing to it be be fully useable, but I think
the basic idea is sound.

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