PEP 255: Simple Generators

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> If you're only interested in the first 100 nanoseconds of a generator's
> life, that's true <wink>.  But when you write a generator, or analyze a
> generator, or think about a generator, or step thru a generator in a
> debugger (etc), they're just resumable functions; much like class methods
> are just functions with a magical first argument.  We spell class methods
> with "def" to emphasize the similarities; ditto for generators.  That
> doesn't mean differences don't exist, but that the similarities are so
> that harping on the differences is more distracting than helpful.

Another faulty analogy.  'def' inside a class creates a function  This
function is automagically converted into an unbound method by the class
constructor.  The unbound method is then automagically converted into a
bound method when accessed through an instance.  Both of these conversions
are messy (especially since they are based on concrete types and therefore
non-polymorphic), but they happen after 'def' has already created a totally
normal function object.

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