Integrating a Python GUI into a PowerBuilder App

John Urberg jurberg at
Thu Jun 14 15:05:40 CEST 2001

> We are looking into languages to replace PowerBuilder in our shop. 
> The kicker is that we need to slowly migrate to the new language so
> the choice would have to be able to integrate into a PowerBuilder MDI
> application.  I'd really like to push Python as the new language, but
> I need to find a way to seemlessly integrate a Python GUI into the
> PowerBuilder app (i.e. as child windows of the MDI).  I would expect
> we would want to use wxPython being as that is the closest to standard
> Windows look and feel.
> Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

Should I assume from the lack of response to this and other tries that
integrating a Python GUI into a PowerBuilder app is an impossible
task?  Time to give in and settle for Java or VB?

John Urberg

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