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Roman Suzi rnd at onego.ru
Fri Jun 29 17:25:20 EDT 2001


you, like myself, read (and write) to this mail-list/usenet group devoted
to our beloved Python.

We generate several megabytes per month.

Python code (src) is 15-20 Mb.

So, we could type one Python per 2 months. (Well, if we count quoting,
probably in 6 months, but still impressive figure).

Just why reacting to PEPs and accusations/opinions in newsgroup is more
attractive than writing good piece of code for library, for some
interesting Open Source project? (Am I alone or others also experience
this temptation?)

Lets imagine that 1/3 of the letters to c.l.p is converted to useful
Python code. But no! It's far more interesting to react to yet another

And this happens because reacting/disputing/flaming/... is a (small) fight
between human beings and not between human being and dumb machine which
need to be coded.

May be, with time some kind of subject-against-subject programming
technique will be invented, I dunno, and disputes will create not
only tryth but quality code.

I do not know how to convert my recent c.l.p. addiction into something
useful for all. (if I only new how to be productive after full-time

So, I personally decided to shut up and not to participate in prolonged
PEP discussions where no special protest must be expressed. This will
be better for everyone, including myself.

Lets silence for 1 day in memory of Jim Ellis, one of the Usenet
creators, who died 28.6.2001.

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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