WHY is python slow?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 16:40:21 EDT 2001

"Dave Kuhlman" <dkuhlman at rexx.com> wrote in message
news:992110734.956795 at rexx.com...
> It takes a long time for reality and facts to dislodge generally
> accepted beliefs, if for no other reason than that lots of people
> have a vested interest in the preservation of those beliefs.

There's more to it than that -- HOW does those beliefs become
'generally accepted', if counterfactual?  I recommend Timur
Kuran's masterpiece, "Private Truths, Public Lies: The Social
Consequences of Preference Falsification".  Cfr>
and Jon Elster's penetrating critique thereof in "Acta
Sociologica", reprinted online at


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