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>> Emile van Sebille wrote:
>>> I always liked the description that vi has two modes:  one beeps at you,
>>> and the other destroys your file.  ;-)
>> When I was first learning vi, I found the beeps quite common. What was even 
>> more mystical is the way it would mangle your text with ease.
>Ahh, yes.   Who hasn't accidentally bumped the caps lock key and
>then attempted to scroll down?  ;)

I do believe I may have done that a time or two in my past...then I got
an OS that lets me tell the machine "I don't care if the key has 'Caps
Lock' printed on it, it's a Control -- the way God intended it to be."
That one simple change has made me ever so much happier, especially
since I often use The Other Editor as well as vim.

>I've learned a fair bit from random banging and watching what
>happened.  One of these days I should actually read the docs and
>learn all the features....

Steve Oualline just finished a book on vim (called "vim") which is now
available from New Riders.  Since I'm an O-C wretch I'm reading it
sequentially but I find myself looking for excuses to use the new
features just because they look cool.

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