a problem with codeplot.py

Val Bykoski valb at vtek.com
Thu Jun 21 21:11:12 CEST 2001

i was trying to run codeplot.py, an interesting code fingerprinter,
but didn't succeed..  Both command line and PythonWin IDE give the
same result.

The output (ActivePython 2.1, build 210, win2K Prof.),

D:\>python d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py
Module: d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py - Generating PDF code
plots from source files
Usage:  python d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py [<file1> [<file2>
Testing now with d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py", line 195, in ?
  File "d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py", line 179, in
    makePlot(lines, inPath, outPath)
  File "d:\_val\mydoc\val_doc\research\codeplot.py", line 126, in makePlot
AttributeError: PDFCanvas instance has no attribute 'saveGraphicsState'

With PythonWin IDE, canvas instance shows weird list
of methods (two times save, no single saveGraphicsState)

Any help from experts?
    thanx, val

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