PythonCard - was Re: Event-driven GUIs ...

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Mon Jun 18 19:56:21 EDT 2001

Ron Stephens:
> Perhaps if someone could do a PythonCard for event driven gui programs,
> using the Python syntax and the Hypercard container model, it would be a
> big hit
> ;-))))

   The feature I loved in HyperCard was that persistence was built-in.
Actually it was better than built-in - it permeated the whole paradigm. It
was a great environment for people who didn't see themselves as developers
as it could be used on several different levels with scripting not being
needed for many tasks. Many were able to build applications even though they
did not wish to spend a lot of effort on learning or developing.

   However, the market, which was given several HyperCard like products to
choose from, has decided against this form of development environment.


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